COVE will help you navigate the complexities of the highly-competitive U.S. market to successfully expand and grow your business.


Every business looking for opportunities for growth and expansion is on a voyage of discovery, seeking the next “new world.” If expansion in the US is on your horizon, COVE is your experienced pilot as you embark on this next leg of your journey. We understand the challenge of navigating the shoals of the US market, the importance of finding the right place to “make landfall”, and the necessity of planning and provisioning to ensure success once you arrive. We employ a pragmatic, “roll up your sleeves” approach to help you identify the fertile ground for expansion, and plot the right course to your desired destination.
Economic Development Strategies | Corporate location Advisory | Legal Set-up & Forms
Investment Counseling | Financial & Operational Plans and Roadmaps
Market Research & opportunity Assessment | Market Entry & Business Development
Virtual C-Suite Consulting | Recruiting & Human Resources | Administrative staffing

How We Work

COVE provides easy entry-level options to allow clients to get comfortable with our approach and confidence in our expertise. We focus upon technical areas where we provide immediate value on acute concerns of the company leadership, while also providing context and vision to demonstrate the potential to utilize us as working partners or even virtual C-suite leadership. We also offer simple, cost-effective administrative and operation services that can often be a drag on company growth, allowing companies to maintain focus and energy on what’s most important.


We are experienced and successful professionals with a network of highly-curated and reliable resources ready to help expand your business. You can rely on our expertise, best practices and technical knowledge to guide you, whether you are looking for immediate advice on the practical “how to’s” of doing business in the U.S., or assistance in developing a long-term growth plan and roadmap that fits, your company’s culture and leadership.
Philip Kearney

Philip Kearney

Phil has 25 years of experience working with over 250 Fortune 500, mid-sized companies and ventures in identifying market opportunity, aligning product and service offering with demand, designing and executing go-to-market strategies and building and scaling businesses.
Christopher McHattie, Esq

Christopher McHattie, Esq

Chris is a “success agent” who has helped clients create significant valuations across varied industries. In addition to his role at COVE, he is the founding partner of the McHattie Law Firm where he focuses on general corporate counseling; intellectual property counseling and prosecution; and complex commercial and intellectual property litigation.
Robert Gregory

Robert Gregory

Bob is a founder of Cove. Bob provides creative entrepreneurs and innovators in technology and the arts with legal, financial and operational guidance based on 30 years in the software marketplace, and even more years as a performer, and more recently, a Producer.

State-by-state regulations and incentives

Resources and Planning

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