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Part-time Irishman and seasoned entrepreneur, Christopher McHattie, launches Euro-American expansion strategy firm in Dublin this month

On Friday, October 14, Christopher McHattie and his team officially launch COVE, a new venture in legal and strategic corporate consulting tailored to Irish and European businesses who’s next logical step is to set up shop in the United States.

The company is named for the “safe cove” or harbor businesses hope to find when embarking on a transatlantic expansion. COVE is committed to providing end-to-end service and expert counsel, ensuring smooth sailing to the US. From C-suite consulting, accounting and finance, legal services, HR, marketing, logistics and more, COVE’s mission is to allow busy executives to undertake expansion into the US successfully, efficiently and with as little negative impact on their “bandwidth,” personal and on an enterprise level, as possible.

“While there are many ‘How To Do Business in the US’ resources available online,” explains McHattie, “there is no substitute for local knowledge and experience, particularly local knowledge that is available locally. The idea of COVE is provide to foreign entities and entrepreneurs the same “local knowledge” inherently available to US companies and to guide high-potential foreign businesses and their owners through each step of the process. Rather than America’s unique and at times intricate marketplace business practices and laws being obstacles, Cove turns them into advantages against those without the “local knowledge.”

The Cove team and Chris, who lives in the Donnybrook village section of Dublin, recognized Dublin’s unique position as a burgeoning center of economic activity and innovation as a strategically located nexus between the United States and the other European Union member states – with Brexit merely adding fuel and confirming that conclusion. Chris and the rest of the Cove team are “success agents” with proven track records of creating and implementing winning strategies for businesses in varied market sectors; from finance, foods, health care and information technology as examples. Cove is actively in search of dynamic middle market and “stable start-ups” that are ready to expand to the American market. Chris heads the Dublin office of COVE, and is always up for a chat about your business needs over a “cuppa” or a pint.

In addition to his role at COVE, Chris is the founding partner of The McHattie Law Firm in the U.S. ( and Dublin ( At COVE, he draws extensively on his general corporate, intellectual property and litigation experience to create and unleash wealth, create successful business models, avoid problems and resolve disputes.